CAAS Corner

By Jack Collins, Executive Director, Community Accounting Aid & Services, Inc.

Thank You, CAAS Volunteers!

Volunteers are at the heart of CAAS’s mission, providing one-on-one accounting assistance to income-disadvantaged individuals, small businesses, and small not-for-profit organizations. Our volunteers also participate in community-sponsored low-income tax clinics and serve as instructors for basic business and accounting educational courses in Connecticut. In addition, some serve as members of our Board of Directors.

We are very grateful for their support. Through their actions, people in need receive professional assistance that might otherwise be unavailable. They also clearly demonstrate the commitment of accounting professionals to our state.

The following have given of their time and skills during the past year. Many have served in more than one role and/or on more than one case.

Larry Baldyga (Lawrence Baldyga & Co., PC); John Barbosa (John Barbosa, CPA); John Bartley (John Bartley, CPA); Glen Bascetta (Glen Bascetta, CPA); Eric Bisigini (The Hartford); Mike Blezard (Pue, Chick, Leibowitz & Blezard, LLC); Bryne Botticelli (Robert E. King & Co., PC, CPAs); Nicole Brangi (Anquillare, Ruocco, Traester & Co); Susan Cagno (Susan Cagno, CPA); Donald Carey (Owens & Co.); Steve Carter (Carter, Hayes & Associates, PC); Anabel Cerdeira (CIGNA); Lucia Chubet (Chubet & Co. CPAs, LLC); Henry Clark; Eileen Cornacchia (Bedard & Co., PC); Adam Cohen (Adam Cohen, CPA); Keith Crehan (Crehan Sapia Group); Peter Davis (Davis, Mascola & Phillips, LLC); Nancy Dilaurenzio (Robert E. King & Co., PC, CPAs); John Donnelly (John W. Donnelly, CPA); Bill Dylewsky (Dylewsky, Goldberg, & Brenner, LLC); Steve Erickson (Whittlesey & Hadley, PC); David Fabrizi (David Fabrizi, CPA); Bob Falce (Alvin, Fagan, Falce & Co.); Dave Federman (Federman, Lally & Remis, LLC); Lamar Fife (Henkel of America, Inc.); Thomas Flemming (O’Connor, Davies, Munns & Dobbins, LLP); Charlie Frago (KPMG); Bob Gollnick (Robert Gollnick, CPA); Peg Groth (M. L. Groth, CPA); Bob Haggett (Haggett, Longobardi & Co., A Division of J.H. Cohn); Brad Hamel (Century Woodworking); Mike Hanlon (Nishball, Carp, Niedermeier, Pacowta, A Division of Blum Shapiro & Co., PC); Matt Hill (Optimum Financial); Dino Iavecchia (Viola, Chrabascz, Reynolds & Co.); Hope Igdalsky (Igdalsky & Company); Steve Jarett (Saint Joseph College); Zvonimir Jukic (O’Connor, Davies, Munns & Dobbins, LLP); Judy Knochenhauer (Falcetta, Wachtel & Knochenhauer, LLC); Glenn Kuczarski (Mercik, Kuczarski & Bolduc); Kevin Kuhr (Mahoney, Sabol & Co., LLP); Susan Lamar (Susan Lamar, CPA); Marcia Marien (Marien & Company, LLC); Tom Marien (Marien & Company, LLC); Lorraine Martin (Lorraine Martin, CPA); Joe Martorelli (Orange & Martorelli, CPAs); Maggie Mayer (Maggie Mayer, CPA); Tom McGoldrick (McGoldrick & McGoldrick); Rosemary McGovern (Beers, Hamerman & Co., PC); Paul McMahon; Patrick McMahon (Fulco, DiTommaso, McMahon & Co.); Rick Merrick (Merrick & Associates); Francis Michaud (Francis H. Michaud, Jr. CPA); Gerald Michalowski (Gerald Michalowski, CPA); Ed Muenzner (Edwin Muenzner, CPA); Jim O’Connell (James O’Connell, CPA); Mitzchka Ortiz (Pratt & Whitney); Jim Pallman (Pallman & Co.); Ed Pikaart (Pikaart, Visconti & Assoc); John Purtill (Purtill & Co.); Nancy Riella (Nancy Riella, CPA); Julia Rosenblum; Ed Ryszkiewicz (Connecticut Conference of Municipalities); Tony Santore (Beers, Hamerman & Co., PC); Robyn Sparks (Mahoney, Sabol & Co., LLP); Wayne Stanforth (Wayne Stanforth, CPA); Jennifer Szoka (UTC); Mike Thibodeau (Michael Thibodeau, CPA); Nick Tracanna (Hartford Life, Inc.); Ralph Vitale (Orange & Martorelli, CPAs); Mark Zampino (CSCPA); Bob Zdon (Mahoney, Sabol & Co., LLP); Cathy Zeiner (Women’s Center for SE Connecticut); and Shaomin Zhang (Stanley Works).

Starting a Small Business in Connecticut (7th Edition)

CAAS’ book on starting a small business was published in April and is available through CAAS, Border’s Books and Music in Connecticut, and should soon be available in most Connecticut libraries. Many thanks for the efforts of editors John Purtill and Paul McMahon, contributing authors Steven Carter, A. Donald Cooper, John Evanich, Judy Gedge, Susan Krell, Timothy Moriarity, Andrea Obston, John Palmeri, Anthony Switajewski, and Gregory Zeliff, as well as editorial advisors Lori Budnick, Eileen Cornacchia, John Ertilmaier, Charlie Frago, Patrick McMahon, Thomas Mortimer, Danny Pannese, David Dillon, Wayne Stanforth, Mark Zampino, and William Zeidenberg.