CSCPA Takes Fight on Sales Tax Proposal to the Streets

On April 3, CSCPA issued an email call to action to its members to fight a proposed bill that would apply the state sales tax to tax preparation services.

Senate Bill 932, “An Act Making Changes to Various Tax Statutes,” proposes the sales tax application; if the bill becomes law, those providing the tax preparation services would be required to administer, collect, and remit that sales tax. At press time, the bill was still very much alive.

Forwarding the Call

The Society then took its advocacy efforts to the next level by creating and posting billboards on the interstates near Hartford and on the New Haven Metro-North rail line from Stamford to Milford (including the Danbury spur), urging viewers to, in turn, urge their legislators to oppose the proposed sales tax on tax return preparation.

The billboards convey a visual “adding insult to injury” metaphor for taxing individuals and businesses on the fees they pay for tax return preparation. Executive Director Art Renner, Public Affairs Director Mark Zampino, and Communications Manager Kirsten Piechota conceived and designed the billboard campaign, working with Charmaine Seavy of CV Media and Out of Home America, the billboard sales company. The billboards appeared at the very end of April and were scheduled to run until late May.

Where can I see them?

Specific placements included a traditional vinyl billboard viewed on the left-hand side of I-91 North approaching the exit for the Charter Oak Bridge, a digital “rotating” billboard also on I-91 North but just after passing through Hartford on the right, and a vinyl billboard on I-84 East before Hartford on the curve approaching the Sisson Avenue exit on top of a large brick building on the left.

The Metro-North rail line ads are on the kiosks on station platforms that normally carry the Society’s image ads from January through July.

Advocacy: The “A” in “ACE”

The mission statement of the Connecticut Society of CPAs can be distilled to an acronym: “ACE,” for “Advocacy, Community, and Education.” “Advocacy” includes monitoring the regulatory and legislative environments in Connecticut on behalf of the profession and initiating appropriate proactive measures supportive of the profession; hence the advertising campaign regarding Senate Bill 932.

Didn’t receive our sales tax legislative alert?

Legislative alerts are sent via email and posted to If you didn’t receive the most recent alert directly, contact CSCPA Electronic Communications Coordinator Caitlin Bailey at to make certain we have your correct email address.