Dreaming of a Hot Meal on the Table During Tax Season?

Try Dream Dinners, CSCPA's Newest Member Perk

By Caitlin Bailey, Electronic Communications Coordinator

Did you set a personal record for pizza and takeout orders placed last tax season?

Help is on the way in the form of Dream Dinners, CSCPA’s newest affinity partnership forged to save members money and time, particularly in tax season.

“Save time, money, and reduce the stress of meal planning, preparation, and clean-up!” – the Dream Dinners flyer pretty much says it all.

Guests can make appointments at any of the six locations around the state to “pre-create” a month’s worth of healthy, uncooked meals in less than two hours.

“Dream Dinners is a meal-assembly store where people follow recipes to their liking,” said Pam Foss, co-owner of the Berlin, Connecticut location. “When they’re assembling meals, they can add more garlic, less spice – it’s all customized to their liking.”

Each month, Dream Dinners features a choice of 17 meals; November’s menu features delicious entrees such as Oven-Baked Almond Chicken, Soy-Glazed Salmon, Beef Pasta Bolognese, and Grilled Steaks with Caramelized Onions.

“Delicious and nutritious,” Co-Owner (and registered dietician) Karen Morton emphasized.

“The meats are flash-frozen at the time of cutting,” she added of the restaurant-quality meat. “It’s fresher than in a grocery store.”

Plus, because meals are purchased and packed into three or six servings, portion control is an added bonus.

“It helps people to eat correctly,” Morton said. “This is a solution for people who don’t know what else to do.”

Dream Dinners is also a cost-effective way to cook – and eliminate waste. When a recipe calls for a pinch of a rare spice, the rest of the bottle often ends up gathering dust in the back of the pantry. With meal assembly programs, guests take what they need and eliminate the leftovers.

Six servings of November’s Arroz con Pollo meal, for example, would cost $25.30 at Dream Dinners. To go to Stop & Shop and purchase all of the ingredients called for in the recipe would cost $40.33 according to Dream Dinners, and result in many leftover ingredients.

“Most people say ‘life is just so much easier, I don’t know what I did before Dream Dinners,’” said Morton.

Dream Dinners is a great way to rejuvenate the family dinner; some repeat customers even sit down with their spouses, children, and a menu at the beginning of each month to make food choices as a family.

How does it work?

Visit www.dreamdinners.com to start the journey. Select your local Dream Dinners branch and a time slot during the month when you can stop in to assemble your meals. Pre-order your meals of choice (and side dishes and desserts!) in three- or six-serving portions.

When you arrive at the store, don your apron and get to work! At each station, you’ll find everything you need to make a particular dinner, including meat and other main ingredients, sauces, and seasonings. All ingredients are prepped and pre-cut, measuring cups and spoons are laid out, and a recipe is clearly posted. Just package your ingredients and move on to the next meal.

So what do CSCPA members get?

It takes approximately two hours to assemble the 72 servings necessary to fill a freezer – two hours you don’t have during tax season.

From January 1 to April 15, staff at all six of the Connecticut Dream Dinners stores will assemble your meals for you free (regularly a $25 value). Order your meals, identify yourself as a CSCPA member, and all you need to do is schedule a time to pick up a month’s worth of meals.

In addition, identifying yourself as a CSCPA member gets you a 10-percent discount on your order. (This discount is not applicable on tax- season orders in which the free assembly offer is utilized.)

Some of the locations also offer free corporate delivery (instead of the 10-percent corporate discount); get your firm organized, place at least three orders, and they'll be delivered right to your office door! Call your local store to inquire.

For more information or to schedule a session, visit www.dreamdinners.com or your local store.

1400 Wilbur Cross Highway (Berlin Turnpike)

71 West Main Street, Unit 1

124 Hebron Avenue

100 Tolland Turnpike, Unit 1B

1156 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike

West Hartford:
7 South Main Street