No Summer Vacation for 'Me, Myself, My Money'

It may have been the good ol' summer time, but the CSCPA financial literacy initiative "Me, Myself, My Money" took no vacation. Society Financial Literacy Task Force Chair Camille Murphy (Partner, Murphy, Sloman & Company) once again led the charge in reaching out to college freshmen by addressing the entire incoming Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) Class of 2012 over a stretch of seven afternoons during summer orientation in June and July.

At CCSU's request, Ms. Murphy, using a personally created PowerPoint presentation and her trademark humor, discussed creating a budget, the importance of savings, and the pros and cons of credit cards. This is the second full freshman class Ms. Murphy has coached on facing personal financial reality.

New Blood

To expand the stable of CSCPA speakers, this year Ms. Murphy began recruiting and training additional volunteers to deliver the literacy lessons. CSCPA Pledge Brooke Sloman, also from Murphy, Sloman & Company, and Jill Best of Kostin, Ruffkess & Company, LLC stepped up to assist at CCSU and helped to deliver the sections on credit cards and budgeting, respectively.

“With the help of new volunteers, we continue to improve and refine our delivery, “ Ms. Murphy noted. “And of course it’s nice to have several speakers to break up the presentation and keep things moving, as the students enjoy hearing various perspectives,” she added.

“We are always looking for volunteers,” Ms. Murphy continued. “This is a great opportunity for people who are looking to keep their public speaking skills ‘up to snuff’; it’s a very low-pressure situation, the audience is engaged and appreciative ... and you’re providing a real service to these kids – when they need it the most.”

If you’re interested, contact CSCPA Student Relations Specialist Jill Brightman at 860-258-4800, ext. 239 or email Jill at

Getting into The System…

With the positive debut of “Me, Myself, My Money” during freshmen orientation at CCSU, the natural next step was to offer the program to other colleges and universities. The Financial Literacy Task Force decided to begin by approaching the other three schools in the Connecticut State University System one at a time.

After meeting with representatives of Eastern Connecticut State University, the school agreed to feature “Me, Myself, My Money” as part of its one-day freshman orientation during Labor Day Weekend.

For this offering, several additional new volunteers – Marien + Company, LLC staff members Alex Bancroft, Heather Capalbo, and Sharon Dumais – joined Ms. Murphy as co-presenters.


While incoming freshmen received a primer in personal finances, another group of CSCPA volunteers delivered the “Me, Myself, My Money” lesson plans to individuals ranging from 16 to 24 years old for the State of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF).

CSCPA member Divina Recato, director of Internal Audit at DCF in Meriden, assisted in the coordination of volunteers for the Hartford office series. The program, which ran from April through July, featured 10 different financial literacy topics over a 10-week period. The CSCPA thanks volunteers Dave Devin (Strictly Accounting CPA), Tom Scanlon (Borgida & Company, PC), Coren M. Liang (Konowitz, Kahn & Co.), Ginger Glovna (UBS Realty Investors LLC), Mike Kraten (Enterprise Management Corporation), Suneet Talpade (BLB Investors, LLC), and Brad Kronstat (Uretek LLC) for presenting in Hartford.

Based on the success of the Hartford program, the New Haven DCF office made a similar request for presenters to address students over a four-evening period from July through August.

Financial Literacy volunteer Heather Ziegler of Deloitte in Stamford took it upon herself to not only volunteer to present but to arrange for many of her Deloitte colleagues – Kirstin Nordquist, Val Baudin, Shannon Diaz, Vanda Sar, Marjorie Powell, Leigh D’Andrea, Shan Nemeth, John Nemeth, and Michelle Ermer – to fulfill the entire request and present all eleven lessons contained within the “Me, Myself, My Money” curriculum.

You Can Participate!

We need your help! If you are interested in volunteering to be part of CSCPA financial literacy outreach efforts and/or joining the Financial Literacy Task Force, please contact Student Relations Specialist Jill Brightman at