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Connecticut CPA
September/October 2017
Are you a political mover
and shaker or do you know
someone who is?
We'll be featuring more CPAs and
accounting professionals involved with
municipal, legislative, state, and federal
office and campaigns in upcoming issues.
Do you hold public office or know a member
who does? Are you working on a political
campaign? Do you have a personal,
business, or family relationship with an
elected official?
Let us know! Please reach out to CTCPA
Public Affairs Director Mark Zampino at
CPA Jason Perillo is a state representative (113 General Assembly District Shelton).
Several Connecticut CPAs and those associated with the profession have filed
Exploratory Committee and Candidate Committee registration paperwork as either
committee candidates or treasurers for statewide offices as of press time.
CPAs Serving as Legislators, Treasurers,
Candidates for Statewide Office Campaigns
Blankley for CT
Candidate: John H. Blankley
Treasurer: Erick R. Steen (CPA)
Office Sought: Undetermined
Committee Type: Exploratory
Boucher For CT
Candidate: Toni Boucher
Treasurer: Ellen M. Essman (CPA)
Office Sought: Undetermined
Committee Type: Exploratory
Dave Walker for Governor
Candidate: David M. Walker (CPA)
Treasurer: Michael J. Knight (CPA)
Office Sought: Governor
Committee Type: Candidate
Harris for Connecticut
Candidate: Jonathan A. Harris
Note: Jonathan is the former commissioner
of the Department of Consumer Protection,
which oversees the Connecticut State
Board of Accountancy.)
Treasurer: James F. Sullivan
Office Sought: Undetermined
Committee Type: Exploratory
Mark for Comptroller
Candidate: Mark D. Greenberg
Treasurer: J. Kenneth Nowell (CPA)
Office Sought: State Comptroller
Committee Type: Candidate
Rob Kane for CT
Candidate: Robert J. Kane
Treasurer: Jonathan W. Ramsay (CPA)
Office Sought: Undetermined
Committee Type: Exploratory
J. Kenneth Nowell, CPA
Committee Treasurer Mark for Comptroller
"I became involved in campaign treasury work when one of my long-time
clients decided to run for office. It is very satisfying to provide these services
to clients seeking public office, especially when they share my views on the
issues of the day."
David M. Walker, CPA
Candidate Dave Walker for Governor
"I was recruited to run for governor by various business and community
leaders who felt that my background and track record made me uniquely
qualified to make a Connecticut turnaround a reality. I am running because I
want to create a better future in Connecticut for ourselves, our children, and
our grandchildren."
Michael J. Knight, CPA
Committee Treasurer Dave Walker for Governor
"I have followed fiscal matters in Connecticut throughout my career, especially in
the tax arena. My current position as the voluntary treasurer for a gubernatorial
campaign enables me to combine my professional expertise with my desire to
give back to my community. When I received the CTCPA public service award a
few years back, it made me focus even more keenly on how I could use my CPA
skill set to make a difference in Connecticut."
Jonathan A. Harris
Candidate Harris for Connecticut (Exploratory)
"I've dedicated my career to creating effective policy because it's the
best way I can use my skills and contribute to our state. For example, as
commissioner of Consumer Protection, I led the effort to incorporate the
Board of Accountancy into the agency. Working with CTCPA and the Board,
we accomplished this challenging task quickly, and also reduced the average
turnaround time for a CPA license from 65 to 8 days."
State Representative Jason Perillo, CPA
Currently represents the 113 General Assembly District (Shelton)
"Decisions are made by those who show up. I ran for office because I wanted
to be in the room to influence important decisions. Complaining doesn't
change things, but action does."
We asked these movers and shakers: Getting involved with the state policy-making process
starts with the election of candidates. Why did you decide to get involved?