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Grassroots Advocacy Goes High Tech, High Touch
At a recent CTCPA Advisory Council meeting, Patrick McGloin, a vice president
at Gaffney Bennett Public Relations, joined us to give a brief demonstration of
the VoterVoice software he has used to conduct grassroots advocacy efforts.
After investigating several software options, CTCPA leadership opted to invest
in the same technology for the CTCPA, thanks to generous financial support
from the Connecticut offices of Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC.
In fact, you may have noticed that we started using the VoterVoice system dur-
ing the special state budget session in our campaign to oppose a sales tax on
professional services and an increase in CPA professional fees.
VoterVoice allows you to quickly and easily send a meaningful
message to your legislators in less than five minutes.
When we identify a bill or proposal that might affect the profession and we
need you to reach out to your legislators or others, we'll send you an email
with a link to a custom VoterVoice page.
Most of the time we'll ask you to contact the state legislators who represent
your geographic area. Using your address information, VoterVoice will
identify your legislators and route your message directly to them.
Other times, depending on the situation, we may target our outreach to leg-
islative leadership or members of a specific legislative committee, federal
legislators, state regulators such as the State Board of Accountancy, or oth-
ers. We'll always let you know where the campaign is focused and where
the system will send your message.
CTCPA will provide you with specific talking points and facts to mention.
You can customize your message any way you like a personal message
is always the most effective type of outreach. It's very important that a legis-
lator not receive several identical emails from CTCPA members in his or her
inbox because it will minimize our impact.
We can maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns by monitoring which
legislators have been contacted and where we need to focus additional
In his presentation to the Advisory Council I mentioned above, Patrick
McGloin stressed that when it comes to constituent outreach, a few minutes of
time invested by many individuals can have a profound impact on the legisla-
tive outcome.
I think you'll find the new system to be both highly effective and user friendly.
Thank you for your continued support as we advocate on behalf of Connecti-
cut's accounting professionals.
September/October 2017
Vol. 58, Issue 5
Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
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