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Mike Dilworth is the CTCPA's finance manager.
You may have met Mike at one of our inter-
est group meetings, conferences, or new and
young professionals events. He has an ac-
counting degree from Eastern Connecticut
State University and recently sat for his first
section of the CPA Exam.
One of our major objectives as CTCPA staffers
is to help recruit and support the next genera-
tion of CPAs, so we all had lots of questions for
Mike about his experience what it was like
at the testing center, what changes he saw
in the new version of the Exam (launched this spring), and what advice he
would give to others in his shoes.
I recently sat down with Mike to get some of his thoughts about how things
went and what other CPA Exam candidates can expect.
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By Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
CTCPA Finance Manager Mike Dilworth
What's your game plan for becoming a CPA?
I have my bachelor's in accounting. I want to finish the Exam and then I'll
sign up for a master's program so I can get my 150 hours. My plan for the
Exam is to take one section at a time. I took BEC (Business Environment
and Concepts) so far. FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting) is up next.
How did you choose your Exam prep materials?
I wanted to be able to make my own schedule. The materials I'm using
came with a book and online videos, so I usually read a few sections and
then watch a few video sections. I have my study plan for each day sched-
uled on a calendar; the sections are broken up so I know I can get through
five or six of them a night. The two weeks leading up to the Exam is time to
cram and go through all the material again.
The videos are actually pretty funny and engaging, so it helps me pay
attention. I would tell anyone looking at options to do your research and
find a study course that works for you, whether you would do better with
in-classroom time or if you prefer to schedule studying on your own.
How is studying for the Exam different than learning in school?
When you're in school, you spend maybe a week or so on a chapter of
the book where you focus on that one topic. When you're studying for the
Exam, it's like you're putting everything you've ever learned in accounting
into one test. It's definitely different. The subject matter is the same it's
just more intense to see it all brought together like that.
What prep did you do on the day you took the Exam?
That morning I woke up and had a good breakfast. My appointment was
at noon. I tried to relax beforehand. I'm a fairly good test taker, but I know
the biggest thing is trying to go into it with a clear mind. I figured it was
too late to cram at that point.