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Connecticut CPA
September/October 2016
he Connecticut State Board of
Accountancy and its functions
have moved from the Secretary
of the State's Office to the Department
of Consumer Protection (DCP),
effective July 1.
The State Board oversees CPA and
public accountant licensing, continuing
education, quality review, examination,
regulation, and discipline.
The eight-member board comprises
John H. Schuyler, CPA, chairman,
Mark Aronowitz, Timothy F. Egan,
CPA, Karla H. Fox, Esq., Dannell R.
Lyne, CPA, Marcia L. Marien, CPA,
Peter J. Niedermeyer, CPA, and
Martha S. Triplett, Esq.
DCP leadership includes Commission-
er Jonathan Harris and Deputy Com-
missioner Michelle H. Seagull.
Visit the DCP website at
DCP for information on licensing,
education, the CPA Exam, and laws
and regulations.
"Secretary of the State Denise Merrill
and her staff, the eight members
of the Board of Accountancy, the
National Association of State Boards
of Accountancy, and the CTCPA all
played essential roles in the transition
of the Board of Accountancy to DCP,"
said DCP spokesperson Lora Rae
"Both DCP and the Connecticut So-
ciety of CPAs share the concern
and desire that Connecticut's CPAs
receive the high level of service they
deserve from their state regulatory
agency," said CTCPA Executive Direc-
tor Art Renner.
State Board of
Completes Move
to Department of
Consumer Protection
New Contact Information for the
Connecticut State Board of Accountancy
State Office Building, Main Floor
165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06106
Questions about Licensing or Certification
Phone: 860-713-6100 or 800-842-2649 (toll-free in Connecticut)
Complaints Regarding CPA or Public Accountant Fraud
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