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It's coming ...
I've known for some time now that 20-year CTCPA veteran Art Renner would
retire from the executive director post at the end of this calendar year. But up
until now it was just a thought ... an idea ... a theoretical in the distant future.
Then all of a sudden the day came the day I got the official position posting
from Executive Search Committee Chair Vanessa Rossitto and the go-ahead
to post it on the CTCPA website. Art happened to stop by my desk just as I was
hitting the "Save and Publish to Web" button.
"So," I said as we both stared at the page on my screen. "There it is in black
and white. How does it feel?" He sighed and thought for a while and then
answered honestly, "I'm not sure."
I have to admit, I expected to see Art acting free and easy with a spring in his
step by the time the countdown to his retirement could be expressed in months
or even days. It hasn't really been like that. It's been a time of introspection, of
review. Of staff and volunteer leadership working together to prepare for our
next chapter, to prepare for the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.
As time keeps marching forward, it's time to start making the theoreticals be-
come reality. I've been jokingly referring to the next issue of Connecticut CPA,
the November/December 2016 issue, as the Art Renner Spectacular.
Art has never been one to enjoy a lot of fanfare in his honor. He gives Assistant
Editor Caitlin Bailey O'Neill and me a hard time when we publish his photo in
the magazine. But this fall will be a time for us to pause as an organization and
thank Art for the past 20 years.
Is there a particular event or accomplishment that you think should be
featured? We'd love to hear your ideas! Please send them my way at and we'll get as many as we can into the pages of the
next issue.
September/October 2016
Vol. 57, Issue 5
Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
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