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Connecticut CPA
September/October 2016
Serve on a local nonprofit board.
Local nonprofits frequently contact us looking
for CPAs to serve in their leadership. Bring your
financial know-how to a worthwhile cause through
our matchmaking webpage.
Get published.
Byline a technical article of interest to Connecticut's
professional accounting community for Connecticut
magazine or our monthy Member eNews.
Contact: Kirsten Piechota 860-258-0231
Be a CPA media resource.
Reporters are always looking for trusted sources. If
you have an expertise and are comfortable going
on the record, sign up to take calls from the media.
Contact: Mark Zampino 860-258-0212
Join a committee or interest group.
Do you want to chat, share your stories, or soak
up knowledge from people who do what you do?
From state tax to technology and everything in
between, we've got a technical interest group for
you. Or maybe you'd like to join a community
service interest group like the annual Educational
Trust Fund Golf Tournament Interest Group to help
find sponsors and plan next year's tournament.
Share knowledge in the classroom.
Show off your business and your expertise put on
your speaker hat and donate your time teaching at
a conference or seminar, talking to an interest group,
or visiting a college or high school accounting class.
Provide emergency assistance
during a crisis.
Offer help when a practitioner faces a health crisis
or passes away as a volunteer for the Emergency
Assistance and Practice Continuation Plan.
Contact: Phyllis Roche or 860-258-0216
Host a job shadow.
Allow high school or college students to see what
a day in the life of a CPA is really like!
Contact: Jill Brightman 860-258-0239
Offer a PATH to technical help.
If you have a niche and are willing to take an
occasional brief phone call from your CTCPA peers
as part of the Pathways to Accounting Technical
Help (PATH) program, we'd love to add you to our
list of members ready and willing to help.
(See page 16 for more.)
Help with charity events or drives.
We've collected everything from food to books to
coats and more, and walked to support causes in
rain, snow, and sun. Want to join in?
Contact: Alicia Strong or 860-258-0217
It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned professional or just starting out ...
a long-time volunteer or ready to try something new ...
let your skills and talents shine while you make a difference!
Submit your name for the Advisory
Council or Board of Directors.
Be the face of your organization (literally, your
face will be everywhere) as you rub elbows with
other decision-makers, speaking for the profession
and 6,000 members. Members are appointed or
nominated by the Nominating Committee each year.