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ith a network of 6,000 mem-
bers, the CTCPA is home to
CPAs in all walks of life. Tax.
Audit. Business consulting. Financial
planning. Industry. Forensics.
The breadth of wisdom amassed by
you and your peers over the course of
your careers is staggering. Don't you
wish you could tap into that knowledge
the next time a complex issue rears its
head or a client question leaves you
with a head-scratching conundrum?
Now you can. Meet PATH Pathways
to Accounting Technical Help our
new member-to-member consulting
How does it work?
If you have a technical question and
have exhausted all avenues of re-
search available, you can call a PATH
Head to (con-
veniently located in the "Members"
section of the website).
Click on the button that best describes
your need; at that point, because this
is a member benefit and we want to
protect our members' privacy, you'll be
prompted to log in.
Once you've logged in, you'll see a
list of member volunteers and their
respective organizations, preferred
phone numbers, and more specific ar-
eas of expertise.
Can I be a volunteer?
In a word absolutely. Please. If you
have a niche and are willing to take the
occasional less-than-15-minutes-long
phone call from your CTCPA peers,
we'd love to add you to our PATH!
You can fill out the volunteer form
at right and send it to CTCPA
Membership Coordinator Liz Frazza at or download a fillable
PDF copy at
and we'll get you listed.
Wasn't this called something else?
Those of you who've been CTCPA
members for more than a few years
may remember CHAT (Consulting,
Helping, Assisting on Technical mat-
ters), a listing of CTCPA members will-
ing to answer your questions and give
advice, free of charge.
CHAT was a fantastic service to our
members, but due to limited technol-
ogy at the time, its active members
and their contact information often
became outdated and not as helpful
as it could be.
PATH is our redesigned, dynamic di-
rectory. This portion of the website has
a refreshed, modern look and, per-
haps more importantly, it's now con-
nected to our database, ensuring the
directory is as up-to-date and as help-
ful as possible.
If you were a user of CHAT back then,
you may see some familiar names
listed in PATH, but we're also actively
seeking new volunteers from our inter-
est groups and general membership.
Connecting members who have questions with members who have the answers!
Finding Your PATH
to Technical Help
CTCPA Launches New Member-to-Member
Consulting Directory
By Caitlin Q. Bailey O'Neill, Assistant Editor
The fine print
There is no charge for the PATH service. The service is not intended to encompass help on
technical matters requiring extensive research or preparation of written reports by volunteers.
Assistance is expected to be informal and involve no more than one or two short conversations.
For more complex situations, members are encouraged to establish a fee-based arrangement
with one another. Evaluation of the credentials, qualifications, and competence of a volunteer
is the responsibility of the member seeking assistance, as are the negotiations of the scope of
services provided and the compensation thereof.
Before using the PATH directory, please review the complete program guidelines at