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Connecticut CPA
September/October 2015
n addition to setting state spending
for the next two years, the
Connecticut General Assembly
passed a number of implementer
bills during its late June 2015 special
session. One of those implementers
contains language repealing an
acceleration of the reporting and
remitting deadline to the 20th of the
month for state sales tax that was
passed in the closing hours of the
2014 General Assembly.
Following strong opposition by the
CTCPA and its members and dialog
between the CTCPA and the Connecti-
cut Department of Revenue Services
(DRS) coordinated by Sen. Gail Sloss-
berg (D-14th), the DRS agreed to post-
pone and ultimately rescind the dead-
line acceleration. The postponement
had made February 20, 2015 the first
effective accelerated due date.
The new language, which becomes
effective on October 1, returns the
deadline to its previous "last day of
the month" for periods ending on or
after December 31, 2015. Read the full
statutory language at
Sales Tax Filing/Remitting Deadline to Return to End of Following
Month for Periods Ending On or After December 31, 2015
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Legislative Wrap-Up
With the finalization of a state
budget for July 1, 2015 through
June 30, 2017, a difficult chapter in
Connecticut's governance ended. As
the organization representing CPAs
throughout the state, the CTCPA was
successful in our efforts to:
Obtain a rollback of monthly
and quarterly sales tax filings to the
end of the following month, rather
than keeping the accelerated 20-
day filing requirement (more on
this above).
Maintain an independent State
Board of Accountancy with its own
dedicated staff.
Prevent the extension of sales
taxes being charged for services
performed by CPAs.