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Since its origins in 2007, the Advisory
Council has been a driving force behind
a number of successful Society initiatives
Interview Day
The Educators of Excellence ("Eddy")
awards and the accompanying
Educator Appreciation Night
The Essential Event
The bylaws revision allowing non-
CPAs to become CTCPA members
In addition to the major undertakings
listed above, members have discussed
everything from upcoming social
events for the not-so-new-and-young
professionals and Fairfield County new
and young professionals to Connecticut's
fiscal situation and changes in the peer
review and continuing professional
education arenas.
Submit your nomination at
You can nominate yourself or someone else for next year's Advisory Council or Board of Directors.
The Nominating Committee meets each November, so your nomination will be considered at that time.
To learn more, contact Executive Director Art Renner at or current Advisory Council Chair
Mary Wisenski at
What does the Advisory Council do?
As volunteer leaders of the Connecticut Society of CPAs, Advisory Council
members consider issues and opportunities within the Society and the
profession and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Who's on the Advisory Council?
The Advisory Council consists of 30 CTCPA members; half of the members
are chairs or representatives from CTCPA interest groups and half are
members-at-large. Members are appointed by the Nominating Committee
for one-year terms and can serve up to five consecutive terms.
The Advisory Council membership consists of men and women in public
practice, private industry, and academia from all four corners of the state
and in all stages of their careers.
Why should I want to be part of the Advisory Council?
"The Advisory Council is making a difference and implementing change
and support structure in the accounting profession," said Mary Wisenski,
2015-2016 Advisory Council chair. "These are real issues facing the
profession and in turn our professional lives. Let's make a positive
difference and move forward together!"
What's the time commitment?
There are three half-day meetings in June, September, and January. (We
even provide breakfast and lunch!) As representatives of the Society,
Advisory Council members are also invited to special events and programs
throughout the year.
What has the
Advisory Council
so far?
Want to Help Shape the CTCPA's Future?
Nominate yourself or someone else for next year's Advisory Council.