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Estate, and Gift
Taxation With Us!
Eat. Drink. Learn.
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Monday, October 26
5:30-8:00 p.m.
Fundamentals of Estate and Gift Taxation
CPE: 1 hour Express Code: TEG1026
Looking for a new niche? Sample the
basics of estate and gift taxation along
with pizza, beer, and wine.
This is a great opportunity to explore the
specialty and network with your peers!
What better way is there to
learn than from exchanging
ideas with your peers and
the more, the merrier. That
is why one of our goals is
to grow our interest group's
membership of new as well as experienced
practitioners a "win-win" for everyone. Plus
we will also have our usual panoply of outside
expert panelists to learn from, too.
Don't miss out!
Looking to learn a little more? I would be
would be happy to chat. Contact me at Paul@ or 860-236-7673.
A Note from Interest Group Chair Paul Czepiga
Are you new to CTCPA,
Pondering a professional path?
We're exploring, too.
Maybe you're a seasoned practitioner,
Entering the TEG space?
We're progressing with you.
Possibly you're a TEG veteran,
Looking for brainy buddies?
We walk in your wingtips.
Register at
Kickstart Your Morning
coffee tea bagels
Wednesday, October 21
8:30-10:00 a.m.
1041s Pitfalls and Current Issues
CPE: 1 hour Express Code: TEG1021
Hear the latest on 1041s from expert John
J. Palmeri, CPA, LLM, principal of John J.
Palmeri, Attorney at Law. Get to know us
a little better at the interest group business
meeting after the presentation.
Connecticut CPA
September/October 2015