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CTCPA new and young
professionals (NYP) pro-
gramming, led by the New
and Young Professionals
Cabinet, has been growing
like wildfire over the past
several years. The pages of
this magazine are packed
with NYPs at sports tour-
naments, charity events,
and happy hours.
Recently, a new question has begun to emerge. "I'm no longer eligible to at-
tend 35 and younger programming. Where do I belong now?" Let's face it
NYP group members can't stay younger than 35 forever, and many members
joined the CTCPA before these NYP programs even existed.
The CTCPA Advisory Council tackled the question of "what's next?" at its last
few meetings and came up with two solid answers one is a new initiative, and
one has been a part of the CTCPA for decades.
We've put together an enthusiastic group of members charged with
creating programming and events for experienced professionals 35 and older,
with an emphasis on charity and community-based events.
Interest Groups
For years, CTCPA members have come together for in-
depth discussion, networking, and to hear from industry experts. These fo-
cused groups are a great "next step" for NYPs as well as the perfect place for
any members looking to tap into the membership's knowledge base or work on
a specific niche project.
Advisory Council discussion revealed that there may be a misconception
amongst the membership that you need to be a subject area expert to join an
interest group. Nothing could be further from the truth! Interest groups are a
great place for new and young professionals to learn, members in the prime of
their careers to meet up and share information, and anyone interested in ex-
ploring a new niche to test the waters. Anyone at any career stage is welcome.
At the newly launched, you can browse group
descriptions and sign up for meetings. We've begun snapping photos of each
group so you can see some of the friendly faces you'll meet when you attend a
meeting (like the ones on this issue's cover!) and we'll highlight a different group
in each issue of the magazine. You can meet the Trust, Estate, and Gift Taxa-
tion Interest Group on the page at right.
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September/October 2015
Vol. 56, Issue 5
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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
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