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Akwasi A. Ampofo, CPA, PhD, FCCA
University of Connecticut
Sean D. Bisighini, CPA
Fidelity Biosciences
George C. Clark III, CPA
Katherine A. Contant, CPA
Farmington Bank
Gerald J. Ganz Jr., CPA
UConn Foundation
Robert E. Heiner, CPA
Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina LLP
Jay A. Johnson, CPA
City of Hartford Internal Audit Dept.
Megan C. Kane, CPA
Nicholas C. Misenti, CPA, JD
Quinnipiac University
Xuan Truong Mountcastle, CPA
Venman & Co. LLC
John A. Patoka, CPA
Sheptoff, Reuber & Co., P.C.
Andrew M. Richards, CPA
Marcum LLP
Jennifer Schempp, CPA
Beers, Hamerman, Cohen & Burger, P.C.
Robert J. Strada, CPA
Robert J. Strada & Co., LLC
Gregory Tartaglino Jr., CPA
Georgia Tsaousis, CPA
Seward & Monde
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Alexander J. Angst
Massmutual Financial Group
Patrick Chase
Budwitz & Meyerjack, P.C.
Marc E. Costanzo
Budwitz & Meyerjack, P.C.
Andrew Davey
Andrea E. Davis
O'Connor Davies LLP
Caridad A. Fonseca
O'Connor Davies LLP
Jonathan Grande
DeCaprio CPA & Associates, P.C.
Elizabeth McKaige
Petrovits, Patrick, Smith & Co., LLC
Laura C. Merritt
Masotti & Masotti
Chelsea A. Pitetti
Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina LLP
Nusha Ready
Dylewsky, Goldberg & Brenner, LLC
Lucy C. Valletta
Jeremy R. Walker
Budwitz & Meyerjack, P.C.
George A. Kanehl, CPA,
a member since December 17, 1957,
passed away July 5, 2015.
Donald W. King, CPA,
a member since June 15, 2010,
passed away June 13, 2015.
Denise B. LaJoie,
a member since January 6, 1994,
passed away May 4, 2015.
Donald J. Siclari, CPA,
a member since December 4, 2014,
passed away June 11, 2015.
Herbert Silverman, CPA,
a member since October 29, 1970,
passed away June 20, 2015.
Gerald N. Stevens, CPA,
a member since October 28, 1971,
passed away June 15, 2015.
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