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s more and more attendees
began relying on laptops and
e-devices to access eMaterials
and the internet while at the CTCPA
Education Center in Rocky Hill, our
labyrinth of extension cords grew more
and more complicated. It became
abundantly clear that something need-
ed to change we needed more power!
While we have been able to provide
extension cords to a few rows of course
attendees who opted for electronic
course materials in the past, eMaterials
have been gaining popularity. In fact,
beginning this May, most CTCPA
CPE courses will provide eMaterials
as the standard, allowing attendees
to save space on their bookshelves
while taking advantage of a searchable
archive of course materials.
This summer, the CTCPA started
construction to install electrical boxes
in the floors of all three Education
Center classrooms, allowing up to 120
participants convenient access to plug
in laptops, smartphone chargers, and
more at each meeting room desk.
The extensive renovation involved
removing the carpet, sawing trenches in
the concrete floors, putting in electrical
boxes, and filling in with new cement.
We took advantage of the upheaval to
install new, modern carpeting and a
fresh coat of paint, resulting in a clean,
professional update to the space.
CTCPA Education Center Gets Powered Up
A worker cuts trenches in the CTCPA Education Center's concrete floors to make way for new
electrical boxes accessible to all course and meeting attendees.