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David J. Ledas
Hometown: Berlin
Partner, Howard L. Page & Co., Avon
I decided to become a CPA because:
a successful business, a constant change in scenery, and the ability to extend my knowledge
to others.
One thing about my firm/organization that's best-in-class or exceptional is:
strong relationships with every individual and business, and we stand by that commitment to
ensure everyone is provided with the utmost attention and quality of services.
The work experience that was the most exciting or that taught me the most was:
Auditing taught me the most throughout my career, and it continues to provide me with new
insights on a daily basis. It is a unique process in that it utilizes and develops a multitude of
accounting skillsets: creativity, client interaction, accounting technique, and even taxation. One
of the most exciting parts of auditing is that it allows you to take a unique business and break it
The aspect of my work that I find the most fun is:
meeting new people.
If I weren't a CPA, I would be:
an entrepreneur.
My favorite book is:
My favorite television show is:
Game of Thrones.
My all-time favorite movie is:
The Thomas Crown Affair.
If I could have dinner with any celebrity, living or dead, I would choose:
Tom Brady.
Something people would be surprised to know about me is:
The best advice I ever received was:
Smile, even when you talk on the telephone.
Ledas with his family.
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