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s part of the CTCPA "Save Our
State" public education cam-
paign, CTCPA Public Affairs Di-
rector Mark Zampino and Past Presi-
dent Camille Murphy held two training
sessions in July and August to mobi-
lize members to help spread the word
The "Save Our State" campaign seeks
to spread the word to Connecticut
voters through groups such as cham-
bers of commerce, civic groups, town
meetings, private clubs, or any group
interested in learning the truth about
The training session comprised two
First, Zampino presented "The Secrets
of Public Speaking," a popular course
he developed based on his 12 years as
an adjunct professor of communica-
tion at the University of Hartford and
the seminars he presents as a CPE in-
structor for the CTCPA in Connecticut
and several other states. This training
helped new speakers get started, and
provided experienced speakers with
yet one more perspective on what
goes into an effective presentation.
Next, Murphy, a partner in the Bran-
offered up guidance based on her own
experiences giving numerous "Save
Our State" presentations around Con-
necticut, including tips on remaining
politically neutral and handling ques-
tions from the audience. "I always
start my presentation by saying `You
don't know my personal politics right
now, and if I do this right, at the end
of the presentation, you still won't,'"
Murphy advised.
More speakers bureau trainings will be
offered in the near-term. Members who
feel comfortable speaking to local and
statewide media can also volunteer to
be a "Save Our State" media source.
When calls come in from reporters,
editors, or producers, the CTCPA will
match them with members based on
geographic location, expertise, subject
matter, and other factors.
"Save Our State" is a nonpartisan, apolitical, educational effort
sponsored by the CTCPA to focus attention on Connecticut's
current unsustainable fiscal and economic path, which threatens
the future of residents' homes, jobs, families, and services.
`Save Our State' Speakers Bureau Training Mobilizes Members
to Spread the Word About Connecticut's Dire Finances
Join Us!
To learn more about joining the
speakers bureau or attending an up-
coming training session, contact Pub-
lic Affairs Director Mark Zampino at or 860-258-0212.
CTCPA Public Affairs Director Mark Zampino offers up advice on capturing an audience's attention as part of his "Secrets of Public Speaking" presentation.
CTCPA Past President Camille Murphy gives
participants tips on remaining politically neutral
based on her experiences speaking on behalf of
the "Save Our State" initiative.