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Connecticut CPA
September/October 2014
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Michael J. Rolleri is an associate professor of accounting
at the University of New Haven and a partner with
Whelan Rolleri & DePietro in Stratford. He can be
reached at
Robert Wnek, J.D., LL.M. is chair of the department of
accounting and a professor of taxation and business law
at the University of New Haven. He can be reached at
they are acceptable to the user. There
does not seem to be a cookie-cutter
approach to making these decisions.
Attest reports issued should indicate
amined, reviewed, or compiled using a
basis of accounting other than GAAP.
Peer reviewers' procedures are not an-
ticipated to change in their review of
financial statements prepared using
non-GAAP methods.
GAAP" discussion. The vast majority
of business entities in the U.S. are small
entities and there is so much diversity
among them that different reporting op-
tions should probably exist. There may
standards for small- to medium-sized
entities that can be applied universally,
and it appears that the discussion of
what is best will continue.