Connecticut CPA is Digital! Browse the latest issue on your computer, iPad, or digital device. 3 easy ways to get the digital edition: 1. Go to View the current issue and browse the archives. 2. Find us on Facebook The group will review select print and online tax publications (forms, instructions, and administrative pronouncements). The goals are greater clarity, simplicity, and brevity in order to make our communications more taxpayer friendly. Streamlining EITC documentation will be the first project. The next step is convening an ongoing External Advisory Group. This group will focus more on tax policy and practices, unrelated to specific taxpayers. Participants represent the IRS as well as organizations for tax professionals (CTCPA included) and preparers, business, industry, and labor. Here the goal is a regular forum to keep the lines of communication open and anticipate issues of tax administration. Then, a third big step at the DRS: training. The professionals who work for us have a right to expect support in gaining and developing the skills they need to serve state taxpayers well. For too long, this core investment has mostly been missing as an agency priority. A successfully completed cross-agency strategic planning project on training will now begin to roll out coordinated, responsive, relevant, and accessible training. Among the first topics – plain language communications. Finally, the governor and state legislature are providing long-needed resources for the DRS to develop tax incidence information and other analytics. Tax policy and tax administration, as well as revenue forecasting, will benefit by being better informed and guided by useful research. At DRS, these initiatives are great examples of how we are contributing to Governor Malloy’s commitment that state government work smarter for the people of Connecticut. paid advertisement Visit and click on the publications tab. “Like” us to see new issues in your newsfeed. 3. Sign up for digital delivery Visit to receive a digital edition email. Connecticut CPA September/October 2013 g 9