September/October 2013 Vol. 54, Issue 5 Connecticut + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + CPA Camille R. Murphy President Brian J. Kelleher President-elect Michael J. Hanlon Treasurer Bruce L. Blasnik Secretary Amber D. Tucker Member-at-Large Pamela Q. Weaver Member-at-Large Editor’s Note “Is a Second Career as a CPA Really Worth It?” Share Your Story! CTCPA Membership Coordinator Liz Frazza fields dozens of phone calls at the office each week. Recently, one of those calls really struck a chord with her. “I’m 38 years old,” the caller said. “I’m thinking about going back to school to become a CPA. Is it really worth the time and the student loans I’d need to take on?” Liz put the caller in touch with an active member who had a successful career in law enforcement before making the switch to an equally successful career as a CPA. We hoped that perhaps he could share some insight about how he navigated the classroom and the conference room in his second career. And he’s certainly not the only one. In the last issue of Connecticut CPA we profiled an Educational Trust Fund scholarship winner who quit his job and went back to school to become a CPA eight years after he graduated from high school. “I would have been stuck in dead-end jobs for the rest of my life and I wanted to change that for me and my family,” he said. We know there are many more of you out there who took a not-so-straight path to your current career as a CPA. Are you willing to share your story? We’re planning a feature article for an upcoming issue of Connecticut CPA in hopes that we can answer some questions and provide some inspiration for others who might be in similar situations. We’d love to hear from you! Please email me at with your name and a brief description of your story. See you next issue, Kirsten A publication of the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants CTCPA Board of Directors Michael D. Frenza Member-at-Large, CTCPA Advisory Council Chair Connecticut CPA Staff Arthur J. Renner Executive Director Kirsten F. Piechota Managing Editor/ Graphic Designer Caitlin Q. Bailey O’Neill Assistant Editor Mark Zampino Publisher Julie E. McNeal Contributor Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor Opinions expressed in bylined articles appearing in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect CTCPA opinions or positions nor do they constitute endorsements. Connecticut CPA (USPS #004 433) is published bi-monthly for dues paying members of the Connecticut Society of CPAs by the CTCPA, 716 Brook Street, Suite 100, Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3433. Periodicals postage paid at Rocky Hill, CT and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CTCPA, 716 Brook Street, Suite 100, Rocky Hill, CT 4 06067-3433.