www.ctcpas.org/CPAMix CPAMix is the brand-new social media component of www.ctcpas.org! Whether you think of it as your interactive member directory or Facebook for CPAs, this is the place to keep tabs on your committees, pose questions or offer advice to CPAs in specific areas of specialization or expertise, or send private messages to other members. Try it today! Don’t forget! All you need to log into www.ctcpas.org/CPAMix is your regular CTCPA username and password. Questions? Contact Caitlin Bailey O’Neill at caitlinb@ctcpas.org. Tutorial: Communicating with Your Committees via CPAMix CPAMix makes swapping ideas and asking questions of your fellow committee members a snap! If you send a message to a committee, the message will be emailed to everyone on the committee and also posted back to your committee’s page on CPAMix, giving you a searchable archive of all communications. (No more trying to search your inbox or deleted messages!) Because CPAMix is integrated with our membership database and website, if you change your email address with us, the system will automatically update to ensure you continue to receive the messages from your fellow committee members. Follow these simple steps to communicate with your committees: 1. Visit www.ctcpas.org/CPAMix and login using your regular CTCPA website username and password. 2. Click on “My Groups” on the left side, and you’ll see a listing of any groups and committees you’re a member of. 3. Click on the link for the committee you’d like to contact. From here, there are two ways to message your committee: Listserv address You can send an email to your entire committee using the special email address listed at the top of the page at any time without accessing the CPAMix website! Simply add the assigned address to your email address book as a contact. “Message this Group” button This button on your committee’s page will open a simple editor to compose your message. 30 www.ctcpas.org