ETF Scholarship Winners Where are they now? Sarah Stover Colleges and Majors Three Rivers Community College – Accounting (May 2012) Post University – Accounting (anticipated May 2014) Educational Trust Fund Scholarships Outstanding Community College Accounting Student Award (2012) Frank Frago Community Service Award Scholarship (2012) ETF Junior Award (2013) Where are you right now in your education/career? I have one more year for my bachelor’s degree and I have an internship at an accounting firm. How did your CTCPA ETF scholarships affect your academic career? The knowledge that others believe in me and are there to help has challenged me to continue giving my best, not just academically, but in my search for new opportunity. It has also enabled me to experience the community that the Society offers, which has led to new ways to become involved and continue to expand my horizons outside of college. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I come from a home-school family of eleven and my parents could not have made a better decision! My eight siblings are my best friends; we share our dreams, disappointments, hard work, and fun together, and are there to help each other succeed. What unique work or life experiences do/did you bring to your studies? Before college my sister and I started an online greeting card business. Being familiar with business concepts and challenges gave me a base on which to build my business education. After my first accounting class I also became the bookkeeper for my brother’s business. This has provided invaluable experience, as I apply what I learn in class to the real world and encounter even more questions to ask my wonderful professors! 14 Have you had a particularly influential professor? Who was it and what have you learned from that person? I am grateful to Art Braza, the first to introduce me to this complex and fascinating field. Rich Pascal opened up a new side of the profession, giving me an understanding of internal and decisionmaking accounting. Noelle Taddei has supported me in my search for new opportunities. Dick Dumont has shown me the power of giving back by volunteering his accounting expertise in the community. Sharon Huxley has provided a clearer picture of how accounting fits into the business system. But most of all, I would like to thank Ed Muenzner, who tirelessly shares his passion with me, inspires my dreams, and unfailingly stands by me. What is your five-year plan? After graduating next spring I hope to find a position in an accounting firm that specializes in small business accounting and consulting. At the same time I plan to study for the CPA Exam, complete a master’s degree in accounting, and obtain my CPA certificate. In five years I hope to be a key player in a firm serving the businesses of my community. What advice do you have for other accounting majors/aspiring CPAs? Classroom learning is only one form of education. Search for opportunities to improve your communication skills, leadership skills, or event management skills. If you can’t find an opportunity, make one: take leadership in a club, volunteer with a business organization, or offer your services to your faculty. Stover (left) accepts a 2012 ETF Outstanding Community College Accounting Student Award from ETF Trustee Marie Kulesza. Stover, one of nine children, teaches her youngest brother Caleb how to use a sewing machine. Apply for ETF Scholarships! Get in on the action! Download application forms for these scholarships at Frank Frago Community Service Award Scholarship Candidate’s Award Children of CTCPA Members Scholarship Diversity Scholarship Don’t delay – these scholarships have an application deadline of September 25, 2013.