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By Mark Zampino, Publisher
This proposal would update and
restructure the five current member-
ship classes of Fellow, Associate,
International, Honorary, and Public
Accountant to the two main classes
Certified Member and Associate
Certified Member would be a CPA
in Connecticut or in another state, or
the equivalent of a CPA in another
Associate Member would, by def-
inition, be an individual who is not a
CPA but who is employed in a profes-
sional capacity in a public accounting
firm, or who is employed under the
supervision of a CPA in industry, gov-
ernment, a not-for-profit organization,
an educational institution, or a busi-
ness entity other than a CPA firm and
who provides or facilitates accounting
services or advice to one's employer
or to the clients of one's employer in
any and all matters related to account-
ing, financial, management, tax or
consulting services, or the recording
of financial data or information or the
preparation or presentation of finan-
cial statements.
Further, an Associate Member would
have to be sponsored for membership
by a Certified Member. Such mem-
bership would terminate at the end of
the society's next fiscal year immedi-
ately following such time as the em-
ployment relationship terminates.
Control of the CTCPA would remain
firmly and exclusively in the hands of
its Certified Members.
Only Certified Members Could:
Serve on the Board of Directors,
Serve as officers,
Serve on the Nominating Committee
or Audit Committee, or
Vote on issues requiring the vote of
the membership.
In addition to Certified Member
and Associate Member, two other
classes would remain:
Member and Honorary Member.
International Members are CPAs or
the equivalent in another country and
would have the same rights as Certi-
fied Members. (There are currently
five International Members.) Honorary
Members are non-CPAs recognized by
the society in appreciation for service
to the profession. They cannot vote or
hold office. (There have been two Hon-
orary Members, now both deceased.)
Proposal #1
To restructure the CTCPA membership to comprise
two main categories of membership: Certified (CPA)
Member and Associate (non-CPA) Member.
Online Voting
is Here!
In the most recent bylaws revision
(December 2008), members voted
overwhelmingly (87 percent) to
conduct future bylaws votes via
electronic ballot. Accordingly, the
2012 vote will be exclusively online.

No more tearing out ballots to fold,
tape, and return by mail (and no
more paper cuts!). You'll also help
save a tree and some postage.

Each member with an email
address listed in our database will
receive voting information via email.
With a simple click, you'll be able
to follow a link to cast your vote.
We need at least 10 percent of the
total membership to vote in order
for a vote to be considered valid.
For an amendment to pass, the
vote must carry a two-thirds favor-
able majority.
Do we have your
current email address?
You can update your profile online
at or send
your update to Caitlin Bailey O'Neill
Don't have an email address?
You can simply visit our website
at from
November 1 to December 15, 2012
to cast your vote.
Connecticut CPA
September/October 2012
Currently, 34 other state CPA societies around the
country allow non-CPAs to join in some capacity
including New York and Massachusetts.