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Goodbye Paper Ballots,
Hello Digital Votes!
In the December 2008 CTCPA bylaws vote, 87
percent of voting members were in favor of a
move to conduct all future bylaws votes elec-
tronically. With the upcoming vote (scheduled
for November 1 to December 15, 2012), you'll
be able to simply visit
to read about the proposals and cast your votes
with a click of the mouse. We'll still send emails
and a postcard to all members in good standing
reminding you when it's time to vote, but this electronic system will greatly
streamline the voting process and save thousands of dollars in printing and
postage in the process!
For the last couple of CTCPA bylaws votes, I've been the staffer in charge of
the mail ballots the return postcard that was bound into the bylaws vote in-
formational booklet each member received. You were instructed to tear out the
ballot, check the boxes to vote, record your name and member ID number, fold
and tape the ballot, and put it in the mail.
The postcard included a postal service barcode and instructions like "Tear out
here. Fold here. Tape here and here. DO NOT USE STAPLES." Each day our
trusty mailman Carl would bring in a stack of ballots and I (and on big return
days, other staff members nice enough to help me!) would dig into the pile to
begin to verify each voter and record the votes.
We quickly learned that the post office was not kidding about the "DO NOT
USE STAPLES" part. Sometimes when a member didn't have a piece of tape
handy and instead put a couple of staples in the postcard, the ballot arrived in
our office tattered and with chunks missing, a victim of the automated postal
sorting machine.
Some returned ballots had been torn in half and taped back together by mem-
bers who had some frustrations while tearing along the dotted line. Some
members had penmanship even worse than mine, and I'd end up with a stack
for which I had no idea whose name to mark down as having cast a ballot.
With this year's electronic vote, we'll ask you for the same information when
voting online as we did with the paper ballot you'll just need to enter your
name and your member ID number (if you know it), and your votes will be in-
stantly recorded. This time, no ballot tearing and folding origami and no more
ballots arriving at our office tattered and torn. We'll verify each vote to ensure
the results are valid, but it's going to be a lot easier to read those votes this year.
Ah, technology!
Read more about the upcoming bylaws vote beginning on page 6.
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