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Members in the Media
Harold Miller, a principal at Meyers,
Harrison & Pia in New Haven, contrib-
uted the article "Can You Claim Your
Adult Children on Your Taxes?" to on May 7.
Marcia Marien, partner of O'Connor
Davies in Wethersfield and CTCPA
past president, wrote the op-ed
piece "State Must Face True Pension
Liabilities" for the July 10 Hartford
Ed Muenzner, a sole practitioner in
Norwalk, was profiled in the Norwich
Bulletin in July.

Public Service
Ronald A. Bucchi, a sole practitio-
ner in Kensington, was elected to the
board of directors for Lightwave Logic
Inc., an optical computing company.
Stanley Glick, a sole practitioner in
Westport, was appointed to the Board
of Directors and the Audit Committee
of NanoViricides, Inc., a development
stage company that is creating spe-
cial purpose nanomaterials for antiviral
Honors and Awards
David B. Rosenthal, partner of Blum-
Shapiro in West Hartford, was hon-
ored by Jewish Family Services of
Greater Hartford at their "A Sparkling
Evening" gala.
Reynolds & Rowella has received a
Top Marketing Initiative award from
Enterprise Worldwide (EW), a global
alliance of leading independent ac-
counting and consulting firms. In 2011,
Reynolds & Rowella participated in
EW's "Five Star Client Service pro-
gram," a three-month training program
which challenges participants to think
about their future and their clients'
futures by improving client services
from the inside out. The Top Market-
ing Initiative award has been given to
Reynolds & Rowella for the firm's com-
mitment to an ongoing improvement
process with targeted teamwork and
increased awareness for what their cli-
ents both need and want.
Professional Activities
Mark I. Harrison, managing partner
of Meyers, Harrison & Pia in New Ha-
ven and
Kenneth J. Pia Jr., a partner
at the firm, presented at the AICPA/
American Academy of Matrimonial
Lawyers National Conference on Di-
vorce in Las Vegas, NV. Harrison pre-
sented on the topics of "Determination
of Reasonable Compensation" and
"Issues of Active vs. Passive Apprecia-
tion of Pre-Marital Property." Pia spoke
about "Use of an ESOP as a Settle-
ment Tool in Divorce." The two also re-
cently spoke on the topic of "Business
Valuations: Areas Ripe for Attack and
Cross-Examination" for the New York
Chapter of the American Academy of
Matrimonial Lawyers in New York, NY.
Joseph A. DeCusati, a managing
director of Meyers, Harrison & Pia in
New Haven, spoke at the Connecticut
Bar Association event "Show Me the
Money: Financial Side of Divorce
How to Find the Money, Understand
Where it Comes From, and Avoid Com-
mon Pitfalls in Resolving Finances"
in New Britain.
Member News
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If you've picked up a newspaper in the
last few months, you may have seen
Michael Kraten quoted in it!
Kraten, a CTCPA Board of Directors
member-at-large and president of En-
terprise Management Corp. in Milford,
co-authored a paper entitled "Libor Manipulation?" The
paper delves into Barclay's alleged rate-fixing scandal,
which Kraten has been investigating for approximately
four years.
When the paper was cited on the floor of the British House
of Commons during a global banking regulation debate,
the British press picked up the story. Since then, a number
of respected media have interviewed Kraten, including:
Bloomberg Businessweek
The Wall Street Journal's "MarketWatch"
WPRI, a Providence, RI news station.
Kraten's expertise stretches beyond global banking, too
on June 29, the Connecticut Post quoted him in the article
"Health Reform Seen as Tangle."
In the Headlines: Michael Kraten