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Connecticut CPA
September/October 2012
On July 10, more than 100 CPAs and
enrolled agents convened at the CTCPA
Education Center for an inside look
at the inner workings of the IRS. The
state's first-ever IRS Working To-
gether Conference, featuring keynote
speaker DRS Commissioner
Sullivan, brought tax practitioners
and IRS representatives together
for panel discussions to brainstorm
ways in which the IRS and tax prac-
titioners can better work together.
"You cannot find these insider tips
from the IRS anywhere," said CTCPA
Past President
Alan Clavette, man-
aging partner of Clavette Josselyn &
Co. in Newtown, who served on one
of the panels. "This was hands-on,
practical advice."
When Clavette was initially approached
to sit on a panel, he inquired if the
day's set-up would actually be interac-
tive and open to questions and discus-
sions. The IRS response was clear
interaction was the main goal.
"It was an awesome, refreshing expe-
rience," Clavette said. "The communi-
cation was great. They can sense our
frustration, certainly, but the IRS was
very receptive and the communication
was all very constructive."
IRS Senior Stakeholder Liaison
Maggie Romaniello, who helped plan
the conference, was also pleased with
the result. "There were many practi-
tioners in attendance who don't usu-
ally attend our events," said Romani-
ello. "It was great to make so many
new contacts and establish new rela-
tionships with practitioners."
"Clearly, you're going to need a bigger
room next year!" Clavette added.
"Receiving the overwhelming amount
of positive feedback from our members
about the conference was extremely
gratifying," said CTCPA Membership
Julie Carroza. "If members
leave a conference feeling the time
spent away from the office was jus-
tified because of the value they re-
ceived, then I am happy with the job
we did."
First IRS Working Together Conference a Hit With Attendees
More than 100 CPAs and enrolled agents attend the state's first-ever IRS Working Together Conference at the CTCPA Education Center.
"You cannot find these insider
tips from the IRS anywhere."
Alan Clavette
Managing Partner
Clavette Josselyn & Co., Newtown
(from left) CTCPA Membership Director Julie Carroza speaks with DRS
representatives Joe Mooney, Deputy Commissioner; John Kutsukos,
Bureau Chief, Compliance; Mary Kate Speer, Systems Control Officer,
Audit Division; Louis Bucari, First Assistant Commissioner; and Kevin
Sullivan, Commissioner.