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Connecticut CPA
September/October 2012 is a new
website CTCPA has developed to help
firm owners whose path might some-
day lead to a firm sale or acquisition.
It's designed to be a low-pressure en-
vironment where subscribers can con-
nect to explore merger or acquisition
A 2011 succession planning survey
of 194 CTCPA members who were
managing partners, general partners,
or principals in public accounting
firms showed that many CPAs strug-
gle with developing their own firm suc-
cession plan. While recognizing the
importance of succession planning,
CPAs (especially in smaller firms) are
often not sure how to proceed. (See to view
the full results of the survey.)
"A lot of baby boomers are begin-
ning to ask themselves, some even
seriously, `What's next?'" said CTCPA
Executive Director
Art Renner. "This
is a complex, sensitive issue. In or-
der to help our members in Con-
necticut address it in a confidential
fashion and at their own convenience
and pace, the CTCPA has created, a website
that functions like a combination of a
dating service and Facebook."
After its successful launch in Con-
necticut, the site is now open to all 50
Mergers and acquisitions cross state
lines now
does, too!
"As I look at the various state CPA
society publications, I've noticed that
concerns about succession planning
are certainly not unique to Connecti-
cut," Renner said.
To that end, the CTCPA reached out to
offer a partnership to the other state
CPA societies so that they can encour-
age their own members to subscribe.
So far several states have expressed
interest and New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
and Maine have signed on as the first
See the page at left for more informa-
tion about
and to see how you can get started
Mergers and acquisitions
cross state lines now
does, too!
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CTCPA Offers New
Partnership to Other CPA Societies