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Connecticut CPA
September/October 2012
ith 94 percent of Connecticut
firms having fewer than 100
employees, and small busi-
nesses employing about one-third of
all Connecticut workers but responsible
for nearly half of all job creation in 2010,*
a new initiative launched by Governor
Dannel P. Malloy and the General As-
sembly is aimed exclusively at helping
small businesses and manufacturers
grow their companies.
The Step Up program, administered
by the Connecticut Department of
Labor in partnership with the five re-
gional workforce investment boards,
provides small businesses (including
retail and nonprofits) and manufactur-
ers with wage subsidies, manufacturer
training grants, and enhanced incen-
tives to hire post-9/11 veterans.
To date, more than 440 employees
have been hired as a result of Step
Up, and 227 employers participating in
the program are very satisfied with the
program that has helped them expand
their businesses during a time of eco-
nomic uncertainty.
According to
Marsha Rohrs, corpo-
rate secretary at HRF Fastener Sys-
tems in Bristol, Step Up helped the
company accommodate rapid growth
when it needed to double its manu-
facturing staff in a short period of time.
Currently, the company has hired eight
full-time employees under the Step Up
"The Step Up program not only pro-
vided funding for much-needed train-
ing of our new employees, but also
served as an invaluable resource in
connecting HRF with Capital Work-
force Partners, since they were able
to link us with qualified applicants for
these positions."
With minimal information required
and quick turnaround, a small busi-
ness or manufacturer with no more
than 100 full-time workers is eligible
for a six-month wage subsidy (up to
$20 per hour and reimbursable
Connecticut `Steps Up' for Small
Businesses and Manufacturers
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Dennis C. Murphy, Acting Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Labor
Your company or client might be eligible for wage subsidies or
training grants through a newly revamped state program.
*2010 U.S. Census Business Dynamics Statistics