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Reduce late membership dues
payment "grace period" from 90
days to 60 days.
In the year 2012, 60 days is a very
generous period of time to complete
payment of membership dues. Al-
lowing 90 days is unnecessary and
causes additional administrative ex-
penses for the organization to re-
send notices of unpaid dues.
With these changes, the bylaws
will be consistent with the de facto
environment in which the CTCPA
operates, more than a century after
these guidelines were originally
created. These changes will en-
hance operations and allow for
future organizational development.
With regard to accelerating the mem-
bership dues payment period, some
members may find it disadvantageous
to remit their dues in a faster time
frame than they are accustomed to.
Vote online November 1 - December 15, 2012.
Did You Know?
In 1908, when the CTCPA
bylaws were written ...
New York City made it illegal for
a woman to smoke in public.
Careful, ladies, remember the "three
on a match" rule.
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Apparently her hat was substantial
enough to stay on without a strap.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock
made the first trip across the
country by automobile. It took
them 32 days.
Connecticut CPA
September/October 2012
The CTCPA Bylaws Committee, Board of Directors,
and 25-member Advisory Council stand unanimously
and enthusiastically in favor of both bylaws proposals.
This looks like Ford's version of an
automotive caterpillar.
The first Ford Model T automobile
rolled off the assembly line in
Detroit, Michigan. (Mr. Ford said
you could have it in "... any color
you like, so long as it's black.")