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Proposal #2
To modernize the bylaws to reflect how the CTCPA
functions administratively in the year 2012.
This proposal is administrative in na-
ture. The proposal comprises five main
elements; each appears below with
a succinct rationale provided for the
Modernize the definitions of
officer responsibilities.
These changes reflect the CTCPA's
evolution and growth from an all-vol-
unteer organization to a volunteer or-
ganization employing a professional
administrative staff.
For example, the treasurer oversees the
CTCPA finances, but he or she does not
execute the day-to-day transactions
and recordkeeping or manage accounts
payable and receivable, etc., as these
duties are performed by staff.
Increase the size of the CTCPA
Advisory Council from 25 members
to 30 members.
The Advisory Council requested that
its membership be increased to fur-
ther enhance the representation of the
diversity inherent to the CTCPA mem-
bership, and to increase opportunities
for participation in this important lead-
ership body.
Change the term used for the
"Student Pledge" category to
simply "Student."

The term "Pledge" is considered by
some to be antiquated and derogatory.
Eliminate the requirement to
return membership certificates.
Very few members return their mem-
bership certificates upon resigna-
tion or termination. The CTCPA is not
equipped to enforce compliance with
this provision of the bylaws.