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Submit Your Snapshots to Connecticut CPA!
We're looking for your snapshots of interest to the general Society membership. Items submitted should relate to
Connecticut's professional accounting community and will be included as space allows and at the discretion of the editor.
Please send your submissions to Managing Editor Kirsten Piechota at
Member Snapshots
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Patricia McGowan (right), executive director of the Kostin, Ruffkess Foundation, presents Tobias Freeman a $1,500
check for AIDS Project Hartford. Freeman, a CSCPA Advisory Council member, also sits on the board of directors
for AIDS Project Hartford, Inc.
Kostin, Ruffkess Foundation Donates $30,000
to Local Not-for-Profits
The Kostin, Ruffkess Foundation has just completed its
annual grant determination process. As a result, the
Foundation has awarded another $14,000 to local nonprof-
its. Combined with its contributions throughout the year, this
brings total contributions to approximately $30,000.
Established by Kostin, Ruffkess & Company, LLC, the
Kostin, Ruffkess Foundation makes contributions to eligible
nonprofit organizations that serve and support communities
in Greater Hartford, New London, and Springfield, MA.
Throughout the year, the Foundation raises money though a
series of fundraising events and through the generous dona-
tions of the employees and partners of Kostin, Ruffkess &
Company, LLC.