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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
Let's Get Digital!
Can't live without your laptop, tablet, or mobile
phone? Great news! Connecticut CPA is now
available as a digital edition.
To access it, just go to
There you'll find a link to an online version of
the latest issue where you can turn the virtual
pages by clicking in the corner of any page or
by using the arrows in the navigation. You can
also zoom in and out, search for words and full
sentences, print, and download the publication
in PDF format.
Find us on Facebook!
You can also peruse the digital edition on our Facebook page
Just click on Connecticut CPA Magazine on the left side of the page and flip away! Better yet,
"like" us while you're visiting the page and you'll be notified in your Facebook newsfeed each time
we post a new issue. "Awesome, worked great on my tablet," one Facebook fan told us!
Pretty in Print
Don't worry all members will still receive a hard copy of the publication in the mail so you can
tear out that page with your photo on it to hang on your refrigerator! These days, it's all about
options, so the digital edition is just another way for you to stay connected with what's
happening in Connecticut's CPA community.
Check out the digital edition and drop us a line to let us know what you think!