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State Tax Issues
Tuesday, November 8
Federal Tax Issues
Wednesday, November 9
ack by popular demand, Connecticut's tax conference kicks off with a review of changes from the
2011 legislative session. Other sessions include personal income, pass-through, and property tax
updates, Connecticut tax incentives, multi-state taxation trends, and insights into Department of
Revenue Services initiatives by Commissioner Kevin Sullivan. The complexities of state tax planning
and compliance changes and challenges will be explained.
his in-depth study of federal taxation begins with a discussion of what tax reform means to you
and your clients, followed by an update on the latest legislative and judicial pronouncements.
Concurrent sessions will delve into partnership agreements and taxation, same-sex marriage and civil
unions, estate planning, small business tax credits, and responsibilities in tax practice. Special guest
Dean Zerbe's expertise as Tax Counsel to the Senate Finance Committee will raise the curtain on the
scene behind tax legislation. Don't miss this day!
Uncertain times.
Certain change.
CSCPA has you covered.