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"We prepared the tax returns solely for filing with the Internal Revenue
Service (IRS) and state and local tax authorities. They are not intended
to benefit or influence any third party, either to obtain credit or for any
other purpose.
As a result, you agree to indemnify and hold our firm and any of its part-
ners, principals, shareholders, officers, directors, members, employ-
ees, agents or assigns harmless from any and all claims arising from
the use of the tax returns for any purpose other than filing with the IRS
and state and local tax authorities, regardless of the nature of the
claim, including the negligence of any party."
In addition, if a CPA is aware that the
purpose of a client's request for copies
of tax returns is to provide them to
third parties, the CPA should consider
adding the following language in the
transmittal letter that accompanies the
copies of tax returns:
paid advertisement