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client's signed written consent prior to
doing so. Protecting the confidentiality
of client information is required under
professional ethics standards, the
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Internal
Revenue Code, state board of
accountancy rules or regulations, and
federal and state privacy statutes and
regulations. The following is a sample
letter that could be used to respond to
a comfort letter request from a lender
or broker, and may be modified for
other similar requests:
Third Party Verification Letters
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ABC Company
City, State ZIP
Dear _______________:
I am writing to you at the request of Mr. & Mrs. ____________________.
The purpose of this letter is to confirm that I prepared the 20XX federal individual income tax
return of Mr. & Mrs. ______________ and delivered this return to them for review and approval
before filing it electronically with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and [state tax authority]. Mr.
& Mrs. ______________ provided the firm with a signed and dated copy of IRS Form 8879, which
includes a declaration that they examined a copy of their electronic individual income tax return
and accompanying schedules and statements for that tax year and declared that it is true,
correct, and complete to the best of their knowledge.
This return was prepared from information furnished to me by Mr. & Mrs. _______________. This
information was neither audited nor verified by me, and I make no representation nor provide any
assurance regarding the accuracy and completeness of this information, or the sufficiency of this
tax return, as it relates to your decision to extend credit to, or make any other determination
regarding, Mr. and Mrs. ________ or any other persons or entities.
I prepared Mr. & Mrs. ___________________ tax return in accordance with applicable tax law and
regulations, and guidance by IRS and [state tax authority], solely for filing with the tax authori-
ties. As a result, the tax return does not represent any assessment on my part as to their cred-
itworthiness, and does not include any statement of their financial position or income and
expense for the year 20XX in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and
should not be construed to do so.
As you know, a credit decision, or any other determination that this information might be used
for, should be based on the exercise of due diligence in obtaining and considering multiple fac-
tors and information. Any use by you of Mr. & Mrs. __________________ 20XX federal individual
income tax return and this letter is solely a matter of your responsibility and judgment. This letter
is not intended to establish a client relationship with you, nor is it intended to establish any obli-
gation on my part to provide any future information to you with regard to Mr. & Mrs.
(Firm Name)
cc: Mr. & Mrs. ______________________ (Client)