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n 2010, Art Renner led us
in a bold new step when
he got the CTCPA involved in
crying out about the terrible
condition of Connecticut's
fiscal health. As certified
PUBLIC accountants, it was
time to take our middle name
to heart and do what we
could for the public interest
to educate political and
business leaders about the
state of the state's finances,
quoting the famous line,
`If not us, who; if not
now, when?'
He started with breakfast meetings with
Connecticut legislators on a nonpartisan
basis throughout the state to create a
dialog. He invited experts to speak on
panels including our own member and
Connecticut resident David Walker,
founder of the Comeback America
Initiative and former U.S. comptroller
general, who had started focusing on
fixing Connecticut's fiscal health. Donald
, chief economist
and director of research for DataCore
Partners, spoke about Connecticut's poor
economic recovery and said that tax
income and jobs are just not going to be
coming back to the state. Benjamin
, secretary of the state's Office
of Policy and Management, which is
responsible for all aspects of policy,
planning, budgeting, and management of
state government, spoke about the issues
in budgeting that we were facing. And,
finally, Governor Dannel Malloy spoke
about the financial issues he had inherited
and the steps he was taking to start to
turn things around.
Art established an interest group of CPA
volunteers and joined these members in
making more than 100 presentations to
business groups, associations, and clubs
across the state to call attention to the
numbers in the financial statements.
We even made a presentation at the
state capitol.
This initiative was one of the society's
biggest and most public undertakings in
our 108-year history, incorporating all of
our basic missions: advocacy, community,
and education. Art's bold `Save our State'
initiative has brought attention to the
issues, educated legislators, and brought
the CTCPA to the legislative planning
table as a resource going forward. "
Marcia Marien
CTCPA Past President,
Partner, PKF O'Connor Davies,
Marcia and Art speak to members of the Hartfor
d Estate and
Business Planning Council about the
state's dire fiscal
Art and Charlie enjoy a day on the links at this year's
Educational Trust Fund Golf Tournament.
first noticed, and still remember,
Art's easygoing style, Indiana `twang'
and midwestern dry (but good) sense
of humor.
I have some great memories of my
AICPA Council term, wonderful
meeting locations, and marvelous
dinners (kudos to Art for always
selecting great restaurants). I especially
remember fondly the time he asked to
see the dessert cart before ordering
dinner and was not taken seriously!
And pens, pens, and more pens. In this
day of electronic everything, it is good
to see someone still fond of pens!"
Charlie Frago
CTCPA Past President,
Principal, Wolf & Company, Springfield
CPA practice
mobility signed
into law in
Specific audit
experience regulation
eliminated for initial
CPA certification.
Society celebrates
100th anniversary with
a centennial dinner cruise,
cake breaks at CPE events,
and a proclamation from
Governor M. Jodi Rell.
Highlights of the past 20 years
CPA volunteers take
the first "Me, Myself,
My Money" financial
literacy curriculum to
Connecticut classrooms.
for forensic