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rt and I learned over the years as we
worked on CTCPA committees that
we have several things in common. We are
both CPAs with no great interest in doing
pure CPA work, and we bonded over the last
20 years over our love of college basketball
and golf. Of course, he is an Indiana University
fan(atic), while I follow my Duke Blue Devils
which has led to some major ribbing in both
directions over the years.
I really enjoy Art because of his Midwest
sensibilities and his very low-key but keen
sense of humor. I will be sorry to see him leave
the CTCPA, but more so personally because
of his pending move to South Carolina. Who
else will buy me drinks every so often?
In one final salute and this is hard for me to
do Go, Hoosiers! And good luck, Art!"
Alan Currie
CFO, Casertano Greenhouses, Cheshire
have been impressed with Art's leadership skills ever since he started
at the CTCPA some 20 years ago. He has been a force for change
and progress for the society, and has prepared it well for the future.
I got to know Art very well during my 10-year term as chairman of the
Connecticut State Board of Accountancy from 2003 to 2013. We worked
well together, and helped each other through some difficult times for the
profession and the State Board itself.
Although we theoretically sat on opposite sides of the table, I always
considered Art an ally. He was diplomatic and wise. When we disagreed,
we always remained cordial to each other, always stayed friends, and
always shook hands at the end of a crisis.
It has been a pleasure working with Art on State Board matters. I have
also benefited as a member of the profession from his leadership skills at
the CTCPA. Lastly, I am proud to call Art Renner my friend."
Tom Reynolds
Reynolds & Rowella,
Ridgefield and
New Canaan
Art presents retiring State Board of
Accountancy Chairman Tom
Reynolds with a special proclamation
honoring his service to
Connecticut's CPA community
Alan and Art help raise money for
tomorrow's CPAs at the
CTCPA Educational Trust Fund Golf T
20 Years
of Accomplishments
20 Years
of Memo
and contingent
fees adopted.
In the wake of the Enron/Connecticut
Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA)
financial debacle, Connecticut drafts new
accountancy statutes consistent with
Sarbanes/Oxley, rather than more onerous
proposals being advanced in Hartford.
Society moves from
Hartford to a suburban
Rocky Hill location with
dedicated classroom
space and onsite parking.
Highlights of the past 20 years
CTCPA devotes
increased resources and
staffing to recruiting the
next generation of CPAs
early in their educational
and career path.