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Art joined the
CTCPA in 1996
after serving as
vice president of
the Division for
CPA Firms at the
American Insti-
tute of CPAs. He
also served as
director of the Institute's Securities and
Exchange Commission Practice Sec-
tion and, before that, worked in both
public practice and industry. He suc-
ceeded long-time Executive Director
Jack Brooks, who served in that posi-
tion for more than 30 years.
Under Art's leadership, the CTCPA
has taken on several major initiatives
including two physical moves (each to
increasingly efficient office and pro-
fessional meeting space), a revision
of the bylaws to allow students and
then non-CPAs to join the member-
ship ranks, a reworking of the society's
leadership structure to the more nim-
ble Board of Directors and Advisory
Council model, forming a synergistic
relationship with the Connecticut State
Board of Accountancy and its staff,
increasing resources and staffing de-
voted to recruiting the next generation
of CPAs early in their educational and
career path, creating a financial litera-
cy curriculum for high schoolers, and
developing a comprehensive program
to bring awareness to the state's dire
fiscal situation.
On the legislative and regulatory front,
Art has led the society's charge to suc-
cessfully prevent sales tax on account-
ing services during multiple legislative
sessions, prevent a Sarbanes-Oxley
trickle-down at the state level, ease
reciprocity rules to allow for state-to-
state mobility, broaden CPA certifica-
tion experience requirements to in-
clude a wealth of experience typically
provided in a corporate accounting en-
vironment, allow CPA candidates to sit
for the CPA Exam at 120 credit hours
in advance of the 150 credit hours re-
quired for certification, and more.
The CTCPA Executive Search Com-
mittee, appointed by the Board of Di-
rectors, has been actively working to
identify and recommend an executive
director candidate to the board.
Announcement of the final candidate
is expected in early November. Stay
tuned to CTCPA communications for
In the meantime, please join us for a
walk down memory lane as we high-
light some of the events, memories,
and accomplishments the society has
enjoyed during Art's tenure.
Please join us for a retirement reception honoring
Arthur J. Renner, CPA
All CTCPA members are invited to wish Art well in
his retirement over beer, wine, and hors d'oeuvres.
Thursday, December 1, 2016 5-7 p.m.
There will be a brief presentation at 6 p.m.
CTCPA Education Center 716 Brook Street, Rocky Hill, CT
20 years of service
RSVP by November 15 at
or contact Liz Frazza at or 860-258-0220.
CTCPA Executive Director Art Renner will retire in December of 2016
a date that will mark 20 years of service to Connecticut's organized CPA community.
Connecticut CPA
November/December 2016