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So What Can Be Done?
College costs are way too high to not
have a specific plan mapped out as far
in advance as possible, ideally at the
time of divorce. A strategy is needed
that takes into account questions like:
Will this student likely be a candidate
for need-based aid, and can my
affairs be structured to increase that
Is my student bound for a high-
quality private college? If so, merit
aid is often not given, so knowledge
of the need-based aid system is
Can my closely held business play
a part in helping pay for my child's
education on a tax-favored basis?
How can tax incentives help?
Should we gift appreciated assets
to our child to sell and use proceeds
to pay for school? (Sometimes the
answer to this is a big yes!)
Debt is likely to play a part. Who
should borrow the money? Should
we borrow against the house or my
401(k), or just use federal programs?
There are literally dozens of tax, cash
flow, financial aid, and debt strategies
that can be combined to cobble
together a plan for financial survival
during the college years. Your divorcing
clients are in need of financial guidance
on this issue. Make it part of your
practice to not just deal with dividing
assets, but to help clients solve what is
sure to be a major roadblock to future
financial security.
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