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lumShapiro and the Connecticut
Business and Industry Asso-
ciation (CBIA) recently released
their 13th annual survey of Connecti-
cut's businesses. The 2014 Survey
of Connecticut Businesses shows
optimism that Connecticut's busi-
ness landscape continues to improve,
although it also indicates concerns
about the economy, the ability to cre-
ate jobs in Connecticut, and signs that
the state's workforce continues to get
Officials from BlumShapiro and CBIA
agreed that they are cautiously opti-
mistic about the results of this year's
survey, noting that three times as many
businesses say they are growing rather
than contracting, innovation and in-
vestment in technology is strong, and
three-quarters of manufacturers sur-
veyed say they are exporting.
Among the challenges outlined in this
year's survey are concerns for the
state and national economy, state
and federal tax burdens, and regula-
tory costs. What's more, one in four
respondents are facing a wave of re-
tirements over the next decade, with
at least 40 percent of their workforce
aged 55 or older. The survey shows
slightly greater forecasted demand for
mid-level employees than entry-level
or line workers.
"This survey spotlights the state's
need to continue to invest in training
and development programs while cre-
ating an environment that retains and
attracts new talent to our state. This is
the best way to find qualified workers
CBIA/BlumShapiro Release
2014 Survey of Connecticut Businesses