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Business Continuity in the Face of a Disaster
I recently sat in on a disaster re-
covery planning workshop at the
September Torrington CONNec-
tion meeting. Just weeks before,
we had gotten word that the Maine
Society of CPAs' office, along with
several other businesses, was de-
stroyed by an electrical fire.
It also got me thinking about our
friends over at Guilmartin, DiPiro
& Sokolowski (GDS) in Middle-
town, who were struck by disaster
during the harsh winter of 2011
when the firm's building on Main
Street in Middletown collapsed
under the weight of record-break-
ing snow and ice. Only two stories
of the formerly three-story build-
ing remained.
Although CTCPA members Mike
DiPiro and Chris Conley were
working on the second floor of the
building during the collapse, they
were able to escape uninjured.
The firm's servers were backed up
off site and no data was lost.
I recently checked back in with DiPiro, who tells me that GDS is back on Main
Street, having returned to its former location in the summer of 2012 after a one-
year demolition and construction process.
The GDS disaster is one with a happy ending. Is your business ready to weather
a major business disruption? Are your clients?
The CTCPA has partnered with 16 other organizations around the state to pres-
ent a series of PrepareCT workshops. See page 12 to learn more about the
upcoming "Preparing Your Business and Your Clients for a Disaster or Business
Disruption" workshops being presented in Easton and Rocky Hill.
We wish our counterparts in Maine the best as they begin the long recovery
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November/December 2014
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Editor's Note
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Guilmartin, DiPiro & Sokolowski's Middletown office
following its collapse under the weight of ice and snow
in 2011, and the rebuilt building as it appears today.