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Connecticut CPA
November/December 2013
While the excitement was palpable
from the beginning, as Strong pointed
out, "the momentum built when
we found ourselves scheduling 130
interviews for 50 students!
"It was long nights and early mornings,
more brainstorming sessions than I
can count, and an amazing amount
of teamwork that made this event the
most successful it could possibly be,"
Strong continued.
A (Temporary) New Look for the
CTCPA Education Center
On September 26, the CTCPA Education
Center was transformed. Event design
company Creative Dimensions of
Cheshire brought in a team to assemble
10-foot-tall cubicles in two of the
classrooms, where candidates met
with one or two firm representatives.
White noise machines were distributed
throughout the rooms to ensure privacy
during the 40-minute interviews.
In the lobby, students mingled with
firm greeters, professors, and each
other in a casual lounge, complete with
couches and high-top tables and stools.
The third classroom accommodated
breakfast and a networking lunch.
CTCPA Past President Marcia Marien,
a partner with O'Connor Davies in
Wethersfield, came with firm staffer
Joseph Onion as well as Brett Settles,
a recruiter out of the firm's New York
office who happened to be unfamiliar
with the CTCPA.
"I told him with confidence that I was
not worried about it ... the Connecticut
Society always does things first class,"
Marien said.
"It was just over the top," she
proclaimed. "From the physical
transformation of the rooms to the
organization of the activities to the
quality of the candidates that we
were presented with ... We wanted
to hire all of them! I was especially
impressed that the professors were
invited and that they attended, some
from more than an hour away. What a
commitment to their students."
Kelleher agreed with
Marien and the other
employers present at
Interview Day, admitting
that the day turned out
even better than he'd
anticipated at that initial
2012 Advisory Council
"We've been missing
out on some really
great candidates because
we just didn't have the
manpower to go out to
all of these schools
that's why this was so
wonderful," he said. "It
was nice to have
everybody come to us
in one day, and for
someone else to do all the
paid advertisement
"We've been missing out on some really
great candidates because we just didn't have
the manpower to go out to all of these schools."
Brian Kelleher, Partner, Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina
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