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One year ago, the 2012-2013 CTCPA
Advisory Council had a big, broad
agenda item: How would you build
your ideal CPA association?
Naturally, the talk turned to recruiting
and filling the pipeline.
Brian Kelleher, a partner at Fiondella,
Milone & LaSaracina in Glastonbury
and now CTCPA president-elect,
mentioned his firm's involvement in a
college career fair and the subsequent
recruiting process. Wouldn't it be neat,
he wondered, if the CTCPA could
bring students from all over the state
together on one designated day, so
that firms could complete a number
of interviews in one day with a broad
range of candidates?
Throughout the year, the Advisory
Council and a CTCPA staff taskforce
massaged that idea, planned the
program, and visited professors to get
their input and on September 26,
the first-ever CTCPA Interview Day
was held.
"Interview Day responded to an
opportunity identified by the Advisory
Council that would serve a number of
CTCPA constituents: firms, schools,
and students," said CTCPA Executive
Director Art Renner. "We felt this was
a worthwhile project in which to invest
financial resources and significant
staff effort."
"This event was a win-win for everyone
involved," agreed CTCPA CPE Director
Lisa Bugryn, who, along with CTCPA
Academic and Career Awareness
Specialist Alicia Strong, led the staff
taskforce. "We provided an opportunity
for firms who may not have visibility at
all schools, students who may not be
exposed to this variety of firms, and
colleges and universities that provide
placement assistance to their students.
In my 23 years with the CTCPA, this
has been the most fulfilling event I
have been a part of."
In all, 63 professor-selected, "best-of-
the-best" students from 10 Connecticut
colleges and universities submitted
resumes and essays to be considered
for interviews for both full-time
employment and internship positions.
The 13 participating firms (see sidebar
on page 10) reviewed the submissions
and selected 50 of those candidates
for up to 10 interviews that day. Once
the students confirmed their interest
in the requesting firms, the scheduling
puzzle began!
By Caitlin Q. Bailey O'Neill, Assistant Editor
1 Day
13 Hiring Firms
Accounting Students
Job and Internship Interviews