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Where are you right now in your
I am fortunate to have two fantastic
part-time jobs as I continue my hunt
for a CPA-related job. I work in pro-
duction at WSHU Public Radio on the
campus of Sacred Heart University in
Fairfield. I work with two other women
producing nationally syndicated Sun-
day Baroque, as well as Lauren Rico
and Kate Remington's classical pro-
grams. I also do the accounting for
Charter Oak Automation in New Ha-
ven. It is a small machine shop which
manufactures manual and CNC mills,
and is only nine months in existence.
My goal of achieving my CPA certifica-
tion continues as I study for the CPA
Exam and continue my career hunt for
a position under a CPA.
How did your CTCPA ETF scholar-
ships affect your academic career?
The scholarship provided by the CTCPA
advanced my academic career incred-
ibly. Not only did they lighten my finan-
cial burden, which allowed me to focus
more time on my education, but they
provided me with invaluable encour-
agement, resources, and confidence
that I wouldn't have had otherwise.
What is something people would be
surprised to know about you?
Schooling didn't come naturally to me.
I struggled through high school, and
this was my second attempt at college.
It took a tremendous effort to learn self-
discipline and consciously practice
time management and organization.
This discipline has improved so many
other aspects of my life, and continues
to keep me driven and focused.
What unique work or life experienc-
es did you bring to your studies?
Prior to returning to school, I worked
in retail and retail management, where
most of my income was performance-
based. While my motivation was initially
financial, I developed a strong desire to
succeed. The feeling of success based
on my own perseverance spilled into
every aspect of my life: educational,
professional, and personal.
What was your best college
To fulfill UNH's experiential learn-
ing credit, along with a missing sci-
ence lab, I spent five weeks in Costa
Rica studying marine biology. I found
strength and independence that I didn't
know was in me. In our free time, some
classmates and I volunteered at an or-
phanage in the impoverished capital
city of San Jose. The conditions that
the children were living in were horrid.
We painted murals, sanitized top to
bottom, and gave these forgotten chil-
dren some much-needed attention.
What advice do you have for other
accounting majors/aspiring CPAs?
Stay organized! A well-kept day plan-
ner with penned-in study and home-
work time is your best tool. That and
take advantage of your school's tutors!
ETF Scholarship Winners:
Where Are They Now?
Lori A. Litwinovich
Colleges and Majors
Accounting Housatonic Community College (May 2011)
Accounting University of New Haven (May 2013)
Educational Trust Fund Scholarships
Outstanding Community College Accounting Student Award (2011)
Merit Award (2013)
Litwinovich (top right) poses with fellow volunteers at an orphanage in Costa Rica.
Litwinovich celebrates with her family at graduation.