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Thank you
to our inaugural
firm participants!
Cohen, Burger, Schwartz & Sax
Dworken, Hillman,
LaMorte & Sterczala
Filomeno & Company
Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina
Fiorita, Kornhaas & Company
Nicola, Yester & Company
O'Connor Davies
Reynolds & Rowella
Saslow Lufkin & Buggy
Simione Macca & Larrow
Weinstein & Anastasio
Whittlesey & Hadley
Students were equally grateful for
the opportunity to participate. "This
was an exceptional experience," said
Post University student Sarah Stover.
"I cannot think of a better or more
efficient way to connect students with
firms, and the opportunity to network
was excellent."
What Next?
Following the 40-minute interviews
held on Interview Day, most firms
embarked upon second interviews.
One firm planned to bring "at least
five" of its 10 candidates in for second
interviews, and numerous candidates
have already been offered internships
and full-time positions!
For Shelton firm Dworken,
Hillman, LaMorte & Sterczala,
Interview Day made such
an impact that the firm has
decided to revamp its recruiting
process to make the most of
the program, moving the start
of its recruiting process up
from October to September
to best take advantage of
the high-quality candidates
participating in Interview Day.
"The day was well worth it," said
Dworken, Hillman, LaMorte & Sterczala
Principal Michael Ganino, who
interviewed alongside Firm Manager
Heather Smith-Jaser. "[It was] just
a great investment the set-up was
great, the candidates were great."
"This decreased the number of hours
and the financial investment involved
in our recruiting," said Ganino, adding
that he loved that the candidates were,
essentially, "pre-screened" by the
college professors.
"We'd love it if it were a two-day thing
it was that good!"
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ext year's Interview Day event has already been scheduled:
September 24, 2014
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