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Visit the CTCPA Bylaws Hub:
Visit to find everything you need to make an
informed decision, including:
A complete red-lined version of the bylaws showing the exact wording
of the proposed changes.
A "pros and cons" discussion of the proposed changes.
A video presentation on the bylaws proposals by CTCPA President
Noelle Taddei. (You can also download the PowerPoint presentation.)
A printable information sheet (8.5" x 11") or informational poster for
your office (11" x 17").
Past Connecticut CPA articles on the bylaws vote.
The proposals are fully
endorsed by 100 percent
of the Board of Directors
and the 25-member
Advisory Council.
Your vote is important. We need at least 10 percent of eligible members to
vote in order for a vote to be considered valid. For an amendment to pass,
the vote must carry a two-thirds favorable majority.
CTCPA President Taddei Embarks on Bylaws Speaking Tour
If you've attended a CTCPA event recently, you may
have had the opportunity to hear about the bylaws
vote firsthand from CTCPA President
Noelle Taddei.
Taddei has attended CPE sessions and meetings, and has
even taken the show on the road to firms, giving her five-
minute presentation about why she supports the proposed
bylaws amendments.
It's not too late we're still scheduling stops on the tour!
If your firm is interested in inviting Taddei or another
CTCPA representative to speak at your firm, we're happy to
accommodate your request throughout November and
early December. Please submit your request to CTCPA
Public Affairs Director
Mark Zampino at
or 860-258-0212.
CTCPA President Noelle Taddei (pictured at right) speaks at a recent BlumShapiro staff-wide seminar,
sharing details about the upcoming bylaws vote.