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November/December 2012
Editor's Note
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Kirsten Piechota, Managing Editor
Show Your CTCPA Pride!
When we launched our new CTCPA brand this
spring, members contacted us to ask if they
could get a copy of the logo for their websites,
stationery, and business cards. I'm pleased to
announce that the new "Member of CTCPA" logo
is now available for members in good standing to
download and display!
As a CTCPA member, you've agreed to adhere
to a high professional and ethical standard. You
help keep the state's organized CPA communi-
ty strong. Make sure everyone knows you're a
member show your CTCPA pride!
Downloading the logo is easy. Just go to (This is a
members-only benefit, so you'll need to log in.) You'll see our complete usage
guide and instructions to download the logo.
There are two versions of the logo:
"Member of CTCPA"
This version (with "member" singular) is for use for sole proprietorships or
when referencing a single CTCPA member at a firm or company.
"Members of CTCPA"
This version (with "members" plural) is for use in instances where
several partners/staff wish to identify themselves as CTCPA members.
We've included a few different download options, including versions for web
use and print. If you have questions or need the logo in a different format than
what we've provided, please feel free to reach out to me at
and I'll be happy to get you the files you need.
See you next issue,