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Paul T. Alaimo, CPA
Saslow Lufkin & Buggy
10 Tower Ln., Avon
Stephen E. Burke, CPA
Day Kimball Healthcare
320 Pomfret St., Putnam
Jessica L. Glynn, CPA
185 Asylum St., Hartford
Brittany L. Heffernan, CPA
1 Church St., New Haven
Katelyn Husser
185 Asylum St., Hartford
Michael N. Kleinschmitt, CPA
1 Church St., New Haven
David H. Lathrop, CPA
383 Middle St., Bristol
Geraldine A. Marchessault, CPA
Payroll Express
2389 Main St., Glastonbury
Gregory E. Morrow, CPA
Stamford Square, Stamford
Ryan S. Parent
Beers, Hamerman & Company
234 Church St., 14th Fl., New Haven
Andrew M. Royston
Two World Financial Ctr.
New York, NY
Allen I. Skott, CPA
590 Holly Dale Rd., Fairfield
Daniel J. Thibodeau, CPA
85 Debbie Dr., South Windsor
Jeffrey Turano, CPA
Northeast Utilities
107 Selden St., Berlin
Michael A. Vienneau
180 Stagecoach Cir., Milford
David M. Walker, CPA
Comeback America Initiative
211 State St., Ste. 401, Bridgeport
James L. Wilhelm
Michael J. Knight & Co., CPAs
1499 Post Rd., Ste. 1040, Fairfield
Richard A. Yuris, CPA
166 Randolph Rd., Middletown
We're pleased to welcome the following individuals to membership:
Welcome, New Members!
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Do you have multiple CTCPA
members at your firm?
Streamline dues
payments with
firm invoicing!
CTCPA has a new feature to help
you streamline the dues process if
there are multiple members at your
firm. Instead of collecting multiple
invoices, cutting multiple checks, or
reimbursing employees individually,
simply sign up for firm invoicing!
You'll get a single "firm invoice" list-
ing all members at your firm, and
you'll also have the opportunity to
clean up your firm's roster and up-
date our records to indicate anyone
who has joined or left your firm.
Even if you've already paid this year's
dues (thank you!), we can get you
set up now so you'll be good to go
next year. There is no company size
requirement ­ even a firm with
two members can request a firm
invoice. To learn more or sign up,
Liz Frazza at
or 860-258-0220.
Before firm invoicing.
After firm invoicing!
¿Habla Español?
We frequently receive requests from members of the public seek-
ing a CPA who speaks Spanish, and we currently don't have any
members we can recommend. If you or an associate is fluent in
Spanish (or any other foreign language), please let us know so
we can help the public get in touch with you. Contact Member-
ship Coordinator
Liz Frazza at or 860-258-0220.
Connecticut CPA
November/December 2012